Morning Read: McMahon Votes No, Cuomo Breathes Easy

Health care passed over Republican opposition.

McMahon was the only no-vote in NYC.

Murphy’s vote for the bill will shape his re-election bid.

Murphy now only has two GOP challengers: Zeigler and Gibson.

State Senate will pass Paterson’s budget, minus the new revenue raisers: soda tax, selling wine in grocery stores, East River tolls.

Conservatives got behind Steve Levy.

Rey and McCarthy: The endorsement by Conservatives “was a slap at the Republican Party.”

Levy trashed Pataki, a Lazio supporter.

Broome GOP stick with Lazio.

Cuomo breathed a sigh of relief.

Pedro Espada has budget plans.

Senor gets pollster Jon Lerner.

Bloomberg’s shift on charities will produce headaches, says the Post.

Some Bloomberg commissioners don’t know if they’re staying.

Drug users unite.

Horsemen protest Aqueduct.

WSJ-NY starts April 12.

A call to abolish partisan primaries.

Chris Bragg catches this dialogue: “Are you anyone’s puppet? Tell me the truth,” Hikind asked Lazar. “I am nobody’s puppet, no one,” Lazar responded.

And pictured above is GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio on Saturday, after getting the backing of the Conservative Party.

Morning Read: McMahon Votes No, Cuomo Breathes Easy