Morning Read: More? Really?

The State Commission on Public Integrity is considering criminal charges against David Paterson.

“The question is, is there a last straw out there somewhere?”

What next?”

Daily News editorial board: “Paterson is a man of astonishingly horrible judgment who will attempt to lie his way out of a mess, piling false statement on top of false statement, when threatened with exposure.

Probably didn’t need a poll to tell us Paterson is losing support from women, but here it is.

The new default leader of the State Police might have his own problems.

The Times thinks the the department needs an overhaul.

After all these years, a Charter Revision Commission.

Pretty much everyone wants to run for Charlie Rangel’s seat.

This is really sad.

Michael Bloomberg thinks it’s too bad no one is running against Kirsten Gillibrand.

Lloyd Constantine’s new book about the Spitzer administration is “filled with palace intrigue, score settling, might-have-beens, investigations.”

The Department of Buildings bans architect Robert Scarano.

For the best: meeting about the Aqueduct bid was canceled.

Morning Read: More? Really?