Morning Read: Paterson Watch

“Governor Paterson remains on the job this morning,” NY1 Pat Kiernan announced this morning. [no link]

Newsday says David Paterson should talk.

Here’s an overview of scandals hitting Democrats.

Paterson consults criminal attorney Theodore V. Wells, Jr.

John Sampson on Paterson’s resignation: “It’s definitely too soon.”

Haberman and Seifman: “Sharpton personally stopped short of endorsing Paterson serving out his full term.”

Katz and Lovett: “Sources said Sharpton had hoped to wrangle a consensus to push Paterson out during the Sylvia’s restaurant skull session – but it backfired.”

Juan Gonzalez: “If the Eliot Spitzer era crashed in a single day, the Paterson era has been the death of a thousand cuts.”

Peter Kauffmann, gone.

More on Kauffmann’s departure.

Sherr-Una Brown “disappeared” and “remains hidden.”

The Daily News, again, puts Brown on the wood.

Eliot Spitzer was suicidal?

Charlie Rangel ponders his future this weekend.

Rangel’s name may get dropped from a CUNY school.

Who will replace Rangel?

Who will replace Eric Massa?

Massa is accused of “making unwanted sexual advances” to a male staffer.

Massa’s accusations get probed.

Hugh Carey is recovering.

The guy who was John Faso’s LG candidate may run against Kristen Gillibrand.

Who got the endorsement in the 49th Senate District?

There are few details on the arrest of Mayor Adam Bradley of White Plains.

Liz Krueger and Keith Wright support letting grocery stores sell wine.

And the Post has a suggestion for Paterson. Morning Read: Paterson Watch