Morning Read: Senor’s Voice, Monserrate’s Threat, Congressional Wafflers

Jose Peralta won a State Senate seat with 65.41 percent, Hiram Monserrate had 27.34 percent, and the G.O.P. guy trailed at 7.25 percent.

Vito Fossella learned his lesson.

Sharpton, an Obama ally and D.N.C. tool. “Democratic National Committee Chairman Timothy Kaine conferred with Mr. Sharpton this month on sending him to black churches and neighborhoods in politically important states to register and mobilize black voters.”

Jim Dwyer: “As Iraq was entering its bloodiest days, Mr. Senor was a prophet and cheerleader for the Bush administration, his daily messages seemingly disconnected from the country that was imploding outside the American headquarters in Baghdad, known as the Green Zone.”

D.J. didn’t know investigators wanted to talk to him about the Yankee tickets.

Paterson’s emails don’t clear him of Yankee trouble.

Kruger isn’t behind the Ravitch plan.

McMahon’s district approves of his opposition to health care.

Murphy, Arcuri and Bishop are waffling on health care.

Republicans line up for Murphy’s seat.

Slaughter doesn’t mind that her name is being associated with a controversial parliamentary procedure.

DioGuardi will have conservative support.

Muzzio: “He’s clearly a long shot, but in some way, all the Republicans are.”

Meeks can’t answer. “Less than 24 hours after Meeks offered to open his files, The Post took him up on his invite — but was promptly rebuffed. When a reporter asked to see the files at about 9:15 a.m., office administrator Marilyn Wilds-Barnes refused the request due to “client confidentiality.”

The Times: “[A] supporter of Mr. Peralta taunted a Monserrate supporter, calling Mr. Monserrate a ‘wife beater.’ The supporter fired back, ‘It wasn’t his wife.’ ”


Monserrate vaguely threatened to run for office again.

Dan Rivoli wonders what Fight Back P.A.C. could do to “incumbent, anti-gay marriage Democrats not as scarred and tainted as Monserrate.”

Political Wire takes note of Monserrate’s loss.

“It wasn’t even close.”

“No he couldn’t.”

NOW-NYS hopes more voters “clean house.”

The Nora Anderson story continues.

Good bye Seneca Falls.

Another principal resigned from the Khalil Gibran school.

Chris Christie’s first budget “relies almost exclusively on spending cuts.”

And here’s footage of the mature, political debate that took place between Monserrate and Peralta supporters yesterday.

Morning Read: Senor’s Voice, Monserrate’s Threat, Congressional Wafflers