Mr. Muffie Potter Aston Works Hard for the Money

It was a busy lunch hour at East Side Social Club on Thursday, March 11: One banquet-size table was booked by actress Fran Drescher, there with her Cancer Schmancer foundation; another seated socialites Gigi Mortimer and Courtney Moss, celebrating the recent launch of Glamourpuss NYC, their new line of stretchy, fur neck warmers.

Alas, the Transom can report no smackdowns. Glamourpuss guest Tory Burch visited the Drescher crowd, and the Mortimer-Moss entourage listened politely when Ms. Drescher climbed onto the back of a booth and delivered a speech. Her table included Ann Dexter-Jones, whose first jewelry collection has just debuted at Colette. In Paris, “I don’t have PR; I am a one-man band,” Ms. Dexter-Jones declared, displaying a giant black-and-gold wristwatch she designed herself. “Ten percent of any profit I shall be making will go to charity. I think one of them will be for the lost children, the missing children,” she went on rather vaguely.

Over at the Mortimer-Moss table, Debbie Bancroft was wearing a lovely silver jacket. “It’s from Calypso, which is where Gigi is selling her tops, too. We’re all just an incestuous mound of fashionistas,” Ms. Bancroft said, smiling a little wickedly.

Seated next to her was Cristina Cuomo, the Hamptons and Gotham magazine editor, who gave birth to her third child a month ago, and looked thrilled to be making her first reentry into the social sphere. Also slender-because of nursing, she said.

“But no cheese!” Ms. Bancroft chimed in, referring to that yucky New York Post story that we don’t have the heart to recap here.

Muffie Potter Aston, who’s soon off to Aspen, was eager to discuss her twin daughters. “Ashley, who just turned 5, told my husband yesterday, ‘Daddy, I think you should be working two days a week and be off five days a week.’ My husband said, ‘Well, darling, I’d love to do that, but you wouldn’t be leaving to go skiing next week if I only worked two days a week!'” Rrrright? Mr. Muffie Potter Aston Works Hard for the Money