Paterson’s Poll Numbers Come Down, More

David Paterson’s support dropped considerably in the last 48 hours, but a plurality of voters still want him in office.

A new Quinnipiac poll found 46 percent of New York voters say he should finish his term; 42 percent think he shouldn’t. Just two days ago, 61 percent thought he should stay.

Today’s numbers come despite a majority of voters disapproving of Paterson’s job performance. Only 21 percent of voters approve of the job he’s doing; 61 percent disapprove.

Perhaps that’s because voters seem skeptical about his replacement—37 percent thought Mr. Paterson will do a better job than Lieutenant Governor Dick Ravitch would, compared to only 32 percent who think Ravitch would do better. But 31 percent said they’re undecided. Paterson’s Poll Numbers Come Down, More