Planned Parenthood Calls Oppose Monserrate

Here’s the script Planned Parenthood’s Political Action Committee is using in their phone banks for the special State Senate election happening this coming Tuesday, in which Jose Peralta faces Hiram Monserrate, who was recently expelled from the same Senate seat.

The script says Monserrate was “convicted of domestic abuse against his girlfriend.”

Hello, is_____________________ there? Hi, my name is__________________ and I am a volunteer with the Political Committee at Planned Parenthood NYC. We’re not calling to ask for money, we’re just calling to share some information about the special election for State Senate that’s happening Tuesday.

The Planned Parenthood Political Committee has endorsed Jose Peralta for State Senate. We urge you to vote for him on Tuesday (March 16th). Peralta has a 100% pro-choice rating. Peralta has stood up time after time on behalf of women and has voted to protect women’s health and rights at every opportunity. On the other hand, his opponent, Hiram Monserrate, has been convicted of domestic abuse against his girlfriend.

Join the other members of your community and say enough is enough. Violence against women has got to stop. The people of Queens deserve a State Senator who will stand up for women’s health – Monserrate has proven he is not that person. Have you decided to vote for Jose Peralta on March 16th?

If yes: Great! To save paper and costs, we communicate mostly via email. We would love to keep you up to date with Planned Parenthood’s political information. Can I have your email address? There is only a few days left until Election Day, Peralta really needs your help getting out the vote. If you are interested in joining his effort please contact his campaign at 718-205-5855. Don’t forget to tell them you are from Planned Parenthood. Have a great evening!

If supporting other candidate: Okay. Thank you. Have a nice evening.

If Undecided: Okay – you’re undecided…Let me share some additional information. Jose Peralta has a proven record of standing up for women. As I mentioned, the Planned Parenthood Political Committee has endorsed him because we know he will continue to be a champion for New York’s women and families. For example, Peralta voted yes on legislation increasing individuals access to emergency contraception (EC), EC in the ER for survivors of rape, and co-sponsored the Healthy Teens Act (legislation that increases access to comprehensive sex education for NY’s youth) Would you like to receive more information on Jose Peralta?

If Yes: Great! We communicate mostly via email to save paper and costs. Can I have your email address? If

No: Okay, there is a fact sheet with important information on our website at . We hope you’ll consider supporting Jose Peralta next Tuesday. Have a nice evening.

Planned Parenthood Calls Oppose Monserrate