Pod-Like British Hotel Cabins Coming to New York

Yotel, the hotel chain that offers four-hour stays inside airports in London and Amsterdam, is putting 669 supersized pods in the Related Companies’ burgeoning development at 42nd Street and 10th Avenue, reports the Financial Times (via The Real Deal).

The New York iteration of Yotel, which appears to owe its odd name to the fact that it was started by Simon Woodroffe–who founded YO! Sushi in 1998 (three years after Yo! MTV Raps changed its name, although the two appear to be unrelated)–will offer conventional overnight stays in rooms twice as big as their airport “cabins.” The company says the rooms were inspired by first-class airline cabins.

“Achingly cool and chillingly efficient” is how the press release describes the rooms, which sounds kind of brutalist to me, but apparently the rooms will be a “true haven of calm.”

“Luxury bedding, rejuvenating monsoon rain showers, relaxing purple mood lighting and YOTEL’s ‘techno wall’ with flat screen TV, and complimentary WiFi will now soon be on offer to those visiting the Big Apple,” says the release.

But how soon is “now soon”?

Next year, evidently. The company is touting the hotel as the largest one slated to open in 2011, which could make Mr. Woodroffe a sudden player on the New York hotel scene. Who is this Mr. Woodroffe? Well, according to his bio, he is “a well-known entrepreneur from the UK following a stint as a ‘dragon’ on the popular UK BBC2 television series The Dragons’ Den, where aspiring entrepreneurs vie for support from established business people.”

Pod-Like British Hotel Cabins Coming to New York