Suffolk Chair Backs Refunds for Levy Dem Donors

The Democratic County Chairman in Suffolk just saw his County Executive, Steve Levy, announce he’ll leave the party and become a Republican.


Chairman Rich Schaffer said Levy’s defection doesn’t reflect any deep philosophical shortcoming in Democrats’ ability to represent suburban voters.

“He’s always said I want to run on whatever party supports me for my plan for New York,” Schaffer recalled. He said Levy’s move is reflective of “political opportunity.”

Schaffer said he’s gotten calls from long-time Levy donors who are “disappointed” that Levy is becoming a Republican. Schaffer said he would support any of them if they were to request a refund from Levy.

“They’re disappointed,” said Schaffer. “They donated to him because of what he’s been to the Democratic Party.”

“I think if people feel strongly, they should request a refund,” he said. “I think he’s understanding of that and that he would respect that.”

Levy currently has $4,109,651.50 in the bank.

Suffolk Chair Backs Refunds for Levy Dem Donors