Sunday Night Reading

Gawker says that David Carr says that Gawker scoops him “all the time.”

Kathryn Bigelow might be dating Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal?

After reading Tolstoy’s diaries, Paul Johnson concludes that the writer was “kind of a dick.”

The Dia Art Foundation closes up shop; Jerry Saltz reflects.

Taking a closer look at the David Foster Wallace archives.

A good review of the new David Shields “manifesto” that nobody else seems to like (but everybody wants to write about).

n+1 pal Dushko Petrovich writes (in the Boston Globe) that Boston ought to be the new center of the American art scene.

Eric Massa gives Slate the chance to publish 1,100 words on tickling.

What does it mean for feminism if it’s now fashionable to raise your own chickens? Sunday Night Reading