Ulrich: ‘Disappointed’ G.O.P. Talked with Levy

Eric Ulrich, a Republican City Councilman from Queens, isn’t happy that his party is talking with Steve Levy, a Democrat considering running for governor.

Ulrich faxed out this letter to the state Republican Party chairman, Ed Cox just now:




March 9, 2010

Hon. Edward F. Cox, Chair

New York Republican State Committee

315 State Street 
Albany, NY 12210

Dear Chairman Cox,

      As the Minority Whip of the New York City Council Republican Delegation and as a duly elected member of the New York Republican State Committee, I am both shocked and disappointed to hear that the executive committee will be entertaining the idea of allowing Steve Levy the opportunity to run on the Republican line for Governor.

We already have a candidate for Governor and any plan to supplant him with a Liberal Democrat is beyond prudence or reason. 

      This past weekend, I had the opportunity to march alongside Rick Lazio in the Queens St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Rockaway. Rick was greeted by enthusiastic crowds, and stopped to take photos with well wishers along the parade route. Rick joined me once again on Sunday to participate in the Annual Pagwah Parade in Richmond Hill, Queens. He delivered a rousing speech to more than 10,000 attendees who gathered at Smokey Oval Park and was introduced by the parade organizers as “The next Governor of the great State of New York.”

      Following each event, Rick and I talked briefly about the race and his plan to reform New York. After witnessing, firsthand, his tenacity and fire-in-the-belly, I am convinced, now more than ever, that he is the best candidate for Governor. Please join me in supporting Rick Lazio and his campaign for a better New York.


Eric A. Ulrich

NYC Council Member, District #32

State Committee Member, 23rd AD

UPDATE: In a quick telephone interview, Ulrich said he’s not sure why State G.O.P. Chairman Ed Cox or the rest of the party leadership was talking with Levy at all. Ulrich also said Cox risks losing his position if Lazio gets the nomination. “If they bolt or go with Levy, and Lazio goes on to get the nomination, and god-willing wins the governor’s race, I don’t see Cox staying on much longer,” said Ulrich. Ulrich: ‘Disappointed’ G.O.P. Talked with Levy