Union takes AC decision on Revel casino project to court

Casino workers union UNITE HERE Local 54 have filed a lawsuit challenging Atlantic City’s decision to reject a referendum petition calling for a vote on Morgan Stanley’s casino’s application for $300 million in state tax rebates.  

“Six weeks ago, Governor Christie challenged AC voters to take back our city government,” said Bob McDevitt, president of Local 54. “By filing a referendum petition signed by almost 1,800 voters, we are trying to change the way our city works.  Unfortunately, politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, have lined up to stop us.  If this bailout is such a good deal for the city and the state, why are they afraid to air it in public? What are they hiding?”  

The largest private sector union in New Jersey, UNITE HERE represents almost 15,000 casino service workers throughout the 11 casinos in Atlantic City.

The $2.5 billion Morgan Stanley casino project, “Revel,” is half-done. The company has been unable to secure sufficient outside financing to complete it, but the state senate voted last month in favor of the tax breaks over the protests of the UNITE HERE-led public petition.

Next Monday, the Assembly may consider its version of the tax rebate bill for the project, news that sped UNITE HERE’s decision to file the lawsuit against Atlantic City yesterday.

Union takes AC decision on Revel casino project to court