We Are All Fricked! Socialites Stomp Through Snow to Diamond Deco Haze

At the Frick Young Fellows Ball last Thursday, Feb. 25—theme: “Diamond Deco”—the traditional coat check was accompanied by a boot check for Uggs and Wellies, since guests were braving what was quickly becoming 20 inches of snow.

“None of us canceled!” cried one young attendee who had made it safely inside the mansion, to her circle of girlfriends.

“I know, I’m impressed!” said another.

Still, there had been obstacles. Redheaded socialite and model Annabelle Vartanian, lingering by the entrance to the grand old mansion museum in a black Oscar de la Renta gown, had arrived from the Lower East Side. “Getting out of the car, there was, like, a huge pool of water,” she said, “but it’s one of my favorite parties, and I love to make an appearance. We may go home soon.”

The event had 15 co-chairs, including Christie’s Lydia Fenet, who was wearing a blue Vera Wang number and Tiffany jewels. “I’m a sponsored unit,” she said. “I actually sewed a rubber band on the bottom of my dress so I could hold it up by myself on my wrist when I’m going into the snow. My friends at work were like, ‘Oh my God, you’re a Renaissance woman!’”

The Deco theme had been suggested “because it’s a year when people are coming out of a Great Depression era,” Ms. Fenet explained.
Around her, doughy, fresh-faced scions in tuxedos gave the party the innocent air of a mid-century collegiate mixer. Socialite and Vogue contributor Lauren Santo Domingo appeared for pictures, but didn’t linger.

Blond co-chair and jewelry heir Coralie Charriol Paul, wearing a bedazzled, floor-length Carlos Miele gown, dragged the Transom into one of the galleries to rest her feet after gettin’ down to “Oh What a Night.” “I love theme parties,” she sighed. “I think they’re fun.” She had on a diamond headpiece—not genuine Deco, alas. “I wish, baby. I bought it at Henri Bendel this afternoon.” The snow had posed no special obstacle to her. “If you organize yourself right, you get picked up by a car, you get a gentleman helping you with an umbrella, then your feet get wet for maybe 30 seconds and you’re inside,” she said. “I live three blocks away. I still got a car, ha-ha-ha. A hybrid car!”

The dance floor was full late into the night, presided over, somewhat unexpectedly, by downtown DJs-of-the-moment Cassie Coane and Harley Viera-Newton, who were playing Lady Gaga and Outkast. “They’re embarrassing everyone here by playing this wedding music,” hissed one young buck from Tribeca who said he worked in the tequila business. “They wouldn’t be playing this if they were at Avenue, at 1 Oak. They’re playing down to the crowd.”

We Are All Fricked! Socialites Stomp Through Snow to Diamond Deco Haze