Wright says she’ll fill county committee seats

Former Assemblywoman Barbara Wright (D-Plainsboro) said that Middlesex Republicans plan to fill vacant 14th District county committee seats in advance of Thursday’s convention, where Wright running to fill the seat of former state Sen. Bill Baroni (R-Hamilton). 

The Republican committee from Wright’s home town of Plainsboro is meeting tonight, and the 76-year-old Wright said she expects them to fill several of the town’s vacant county committee seats.   

Wright is running against Hamilton Councilman Thomas Goodwin.  If the vote breaks down along geographical lines, Goodwin has a huge advantage: as of last week, 136 of Mercer County’s 168 seats were filled, while only 63 of Middlesex County’s 172 were filled.  The largest numbers of Mercer County seats are from Goodwin’s home town of Hamilton. 

Wright acknowledged that she’s the underdog based on the seat count but said that she has been reaching out to committee men and women from both of the district’s counties, and that she will be able to appeal to Mercer County voters because she represented them for eight years. 

“To be honest, I’d rather do this than a primary.  This is a smaller group and I’ve been reaching out directly,” she said.

Although Wright has the support of the municipal chairs from all of the legislative district’s Middlesex County towns, Goodwin today announced the endorsement of former Rossmoor Republican Club President Sidna Mitchell, a former Monroe Township Republican chairwoman who ran for assembly in 2003 and narrowly lost to incumbent Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro). 

“We need to make sure Middlesex County has a true advocate for the issues we care most about,” said Mitchell, who ran for the State Assembly in 2003.  “No one will work harder for us, or more effectively, than Tom Goodwin.”

Middlesex GOP Chairman Joseph Leo has also endorsed Goodwin. Wright says she’ll fill county committee seats