Yudin questions McNerney’s budgeting priorities

Against the backdrop of a critical election year, Bergen Republican Chairman Bob Yudin criticized County Executive Dennis McNerney for plans to cut county employees while protecting a government top-heavy with patronage.

“He should be reducing the salaries of department heads, instead he’s picking on the guy who sweeps the floor,” said Yudin.

Up for re-election, McNerney, a Democrat, last week announced that the county would lay-off more than 70 county employees by June 1, and not fill an additional 30 vacant positions, budgeting moves that add up to $2.5 million in savings this year and $4 million in 2011. 


“He’s not zeroing in on patronage jobs, people making six-figure employees,” said the GOP chair. “The way to handle a situation like this is not to pick on someone making $35,000 a year, it’s to get into the Bergen County Improvement Authority and Development Authority executives making $100,00, that’s where the savings are.”

Without specifying who gets the ax, McNerney spokesman Brian Hague said the cuts proposed are for employees in a big salary range, from $10,000 to $100,000.

“We can’t give out a distribution list until the state authorizes it,” Hague told PolitickerNJ.com. “The state has to review it.

“Bob Yudin has no evidence, he’s not been part of the process. He’s trying to politicize this for his own gain, but it’s not political. This is about making difficult decisions, something he’s been unable to do as he cannot take a position regarding blue laws.”

Hague’s boss, McNerney, is seeking re-election against Republican candidate and Bergen County Clerk Kathleen Donovan.  Yudin questions McNerney’s budgeting priorities