AC workers protest local cut-backs

Atlantic City public employee union members rallied at the Trenton office of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission this afternoon, in vain seeking a delay of local layoffs, furloughs and demotions.

The workers descried the commission’s decision denying the union coalition’s request to delay the layoffs and demotions proposed by Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford. 

“We are truly disappointed that the New Jersey Civil Service Commission basically rubber-stamped Atlantic City’s ill-conceived fiscal plan to balance its budget on the backs of hardworking police, firefighters and other key government workers,” said David Davison, Jr., PBA President Local, #24 and spokesperson for the coalition of public employee unions.

“We are concerned that the ripple effect of Atlantic City’s draconian budget will be felt far beyond the city limits because of the potential devastating impact on tourism which in turn could reduce vital funding the State receives from the gaming industry,” Davison added.

The ommission on April 12th approved Atlantic City’s layoff plan despite opposition from the unions, which had previously requested the commission grant a stay and reconsideration.  

According to union spokesman A.J. Sabath, “the unions presented numerous alternative budget proposals to Atlantic City officials that would have achieved equivalent budget savings without resorting to destructive layoffs, but none were considered.” AC workers protest local cut-backs