Adler reasserts his opposition to offshore drilling

U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) again finds himself at odds with President Barack Obama, but this time it’s Obama who’s the outcast in the New Jersey Democratic Party, not Adler.

“I support expanding domestic oil production, but not off New Jersey’s shores,” the congressman said in response to Obama’s decision to lift the drilling moratorium on the mid-Atlantic coast.  

“New Jersey Democrats and Republicans have consistently opposed drilling off the New Jersey coast,” Adler added. “New Jersey beaches are critical to our state’s economic prosperity. We need to expand our efforts to lower gas prices and reduce American dependency on foreign oil, and we should focus on expanding drilling in the areas where we know resources are available.”

Members of his own party excoriated Adler when the South Jersey Democrat refused to back the president’s healthcare reform.

Now it’s Obama who’s the object of the party’s ire – at least in New Jersey.

Former Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan, who’s running for the Republican nomination in the 3rd Congressional District for the right to face Adler, offered cross-the-aisle praise for the president yesterday as he issued a statement in favor of offshore drilling, as long as it’s safe and conducted at least 50 miles removed from New Jersey’s coastline. Adler reasserts his opposition to offshore drilling