AG Candidate Coffey Targets Levy on Immigration

Sean Coffey, a Democratic attorney general candidate, has an op-ed in El Diario this weekend, trashing Steve Levy for his stance on immigration, and calling on Levy to “end” his gubernatorial campaign.

The translation is here.

Coffey, who once was a military assistant to V.P. George H.W. Bush, ends his op-ed by noting that a number of Republicans have successfuly reached out to Hispanic leaders.


“I am relieved Steve Levy is no longer a Democrat. But Levy’s problem is neither partisan nor political. He is unfit to hold office of Governor. I call o Mr. Levy to end his campaign for Governor. Republican leaders who have successfully reached out and worked with immigrant leaders – George Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg –  should recognize that John F. Kennedy was correct, sometimes party loyalty does demand too much. Let’s reject anti-immigrant rhetoric and behavior at the highest levels of government.”

AG Candidate Coffey Targets Levy on Immigration