AG Candidate (Not Cuomo!) Hires for Campaign

Kathleen Rice, the Nassau County district attorney who is running for State AG, announced she’s hired a few key campaign aides (doesn’t seem like they’re putting much stock in the Cuomo campaign talk of a re-election campaign).

New hires:

Shams Tarek, spokesman. He most recently worked for the NYS Senate Democrats (and, full disclosure, is a former reporter who I worked with at the Queens Tribune).

Robin Golston, political director. She has worked for former Senator Clinton and current Senators Gillibrand and Schumer.

Kristie Stiles, Celeste Wolter, Michael Giacco will be fund-raisers. Rice said they raised money for Governors Paterson and Spitzer, as well as nationally for Democrats.

Adam Alonso, another fund-raiser. In the past he raised money for Melinda Katz and Jose Peralta, so if you have money and live in Queens, expect a phone call from him.

Also on the finance team is Rafi Jafri, who claims a rare experience among Democrats: work as Jon Corzine’s finance director (Corzine, of course, used to pay for his own campaigns). AG Candidate (Not Cuomo!) Hires for Campaign