A.G. Sulzberger Knows How to Keep His ‘New Girlfriend’ Happy

It’s not every day that Cooperstown, the baseball-obsessed hamlet upstate, has a New York Times reporter come through town. But when it does happen, the local paper evidently writes a story about all the attention. The most recent reporter to get this treatment was one A.G. Sulzberger, and oh boy is it a fun and lovely portrait of the heir to the Times throne! 

First, a little background: There was a shooting in Cooperstown last Friday. It involved two teenagers. No one died. One was black, one was white, but it isn’t clear if it the shooting was motivated by race. The Times sent Mr. Sulzberger to do a small-town-shocked-by-violence piece, which he filed for  Tuesday’s paper.

Yesterday, the Cooperstown Daily Star published a piece about Mr. Sulzberger’s trip to town and what a good egg he was!

For starters, he took a few of the local leaders to a restaurant to ask them questions. They had drinks. He ordered a Diet Coke.

Times editors—and especially his dad!—should be thrilled that he’s a thrifty one, too:

Waller said Sulzberger had commented that he was on an expense account and asked about less-costly lodging than the Holiday Inn, and she referred him to a bed and breakfast operated by friends.

Whatta guy! Well, it turns out he didn’t stay overnight. The local officials asked him to stay for dinner. He declined and explained he had to skip town to make up a canceled date with—wait for it—his new girlfriend!

But Sulzberger said he had broken a date with a new girlfriend for the Cooperstown assignment, and he wanted to make amends, Waller said, and the reporter left Monday night.

What a charmer! And just to take it one step further, the Cooperstown officials loved Mr. Sulzberger’s story:

Waller said she e-mailed A.G. Sulzberger compliments on his story.

”He wrote an accurate, true article based on the facts he was given,” she said.

The man can do no wrong. A.G. Sulzberger Knows How to Keep His ‘New Girlfriend’ Happy