Apocalypse Draws Nigh

The city’s doormen may strike later this month. Time to implement some emergency preparedness measures:

“I cannot stress enough the importance of preparing for the possibility of a strike,” said Realty Advisory Board President Howard Rothschild in a statement. He added that, while he hopes a strike can be averted, he believes that buildings need to be prepared for the possibility.

Mr. Rothschild has met with co-ops, managing agents, and owners of rental buildings on this topic and is distributing a building preparedness manual. The advanced preparations outlined in the manual cover such things as securing equipment, reviewing insurance coverage, arranging for security guards, finding replacements to operate elevators, making sure enough fuel is on hand, organizing a system to collect garbage, and getting tenants to help distribute mail and accept packages.

Regardless of the course events take, we will be sticking with our current system of collecting garbage, i.e. taking it out ourselves when it starts to smell weird. [Via] Apocalypse Draws Nigh