Are Dems mad at Joe D’s handholding?

Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo is catching some heat from Democratic leaders for saying that he agrees with newly-elected GOP Gov. Christopher Christie 95% of the time.  The ringing endorsement comes just as Democrats are trying to challenge Christie on his budget proposals, and as Christie battles state and local teachers unions – one of the core elements of the Democratic base vote in New Jersey.  In addition to his comments, DiVincenzo was photographed holding hands with Christie – an innocent moment that occurred at the request of a clergyman delivering a prayer.  Making things more interesting is that Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-East Orange) works for DiVincenzo as the Assistant County Administrator. 

One operative suggested that Democrats can gripe all they want about the Christie-DiVincenzo friendship, but that had every Democratic organization delivered the way Essex did last year (Christie received 28% of the vote), Jon Corzine would still be governor.

DiVincenzo is unopposed in the June Democratic primary and is expected to coast to re-election in the general election, but his comments could haunt him later on, much like hugs between Joseph Lieberman and George W. Bush, and Charles Crist and Barack Obama. Are Dems mad at Joe D’s handholding?