Big Changes at Crown

Publisher Maya Mavjee is shaking things up at Crown: According to a memo sent out today, Crown and Broadway will be restructured. This is the second reorganization for the Crown group since Random House’s five publishing groups became three in 2008; the last was in December, when Random House CEO Markus Dohle replaced longtime Crown publisher Jenny Frost with Ms. Mavjee. The lastest changes seem intended to eliminate the areas of overlap that have persisted (two business imprints in the same division?).

Of course, it’s bad news for some at Crown. Publisher Diane Salvatore, who came to Broadway from Ladies Home Journal less than a year ago, is out. And it’s a blow for Shaye Areheart–a 30-year Random house veteran–who will lose her imprint. Ms. Areheart has authors valuable to Crown, though, and she’ll be sticking around as an editor-at-large.

Meanwhile, Tina Pohlman–previously of Spiegel & Grau–is coming onboard. She will serve as vice president and publisher at Three Rivers Press and Broadway Paperbacks, Crown’s trade paperback lines.

The full memo is below.

The Crown Publishing Group is the proud home of many writers, including President Barack Obama, Erik Larson, Rebecca Skloot, Jean Auel, Alice Hoffman, Chris Bohjalian, Jillian Michaels, Tim Ferriss, Deepak Chopra, Suzanne Somers, Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis, Rachael Ray, Max Brooks, Chip and Dan Heath, and Frances Mayes, to name just a few.

To effectively take advantage of our creative talents and resources in support of all of our authors, I am announcing today a new organizational structure for our division which provides a clear publishing mandate and vision for each of our imprints. To establish a closer, more efficient alignment of our editorial programs, we are reorganizing our imprints under a new senior publishing leadership team within three major editorial areas demonstrating our core strengths: general interest nonfiction and fiction; branded/category books; and fourcolor and lifestyle books, encompassing our cookbook, design, style, and crafts and visual arts titles. To enhance our publications under these three editorial areas, we are simultaneously announcing exciting changes to our paperback and digital publishing programs. The goal of these changes is to foster a creative and collaborative environment.

General Interest Trade: Crown Publishers and Broadway Books

Our general interest trade publishing program will be comprised of the Crown Publishers and Broadway Books imprints, brought together under one leader. We will be conducting a search for the head of this program, who will report to me. Crown and Broadway will retain their distinct and complementary identities and will maintain separate lists. To take fullest advantage of existing strengths and passions, these respective editorial departments will continue to acquire and develop books in narrative nonfiction areas such as biography and memoir, popular history, politics, current events, action/outdoors adventure, and travel, which are their traditional areas of expertise.

In the interim, the Crown Publishers and Broadway Books editorial team, which includes Charlie Conrad, John Glusman, Rick Horgan, Rachel Klayman, Sean Desmond, Vanessa Mobley, and Christine Pride, reports to me. Crown Publishers, for now, will publish all the Crown Group division’s fiction titles, building upon its existing list, as well as the roster of novelists published previously by Shaye Areheart Books and Broadway.

With this integration of our fiction publishing program, the Shaye Areheart Books imprint will be discontinued and SHAYE AREHEART will be stepping down from her position as Vice President, Publisher, Shaye Areheart Books, Harmony Books. Over the course of her illustrious 30-year career with Random House, Shaye has acquired, edited, and published countless bestselling and award-winning authors. She is as beloved by her authors as she is by her colleagues and we all thank her for her stellar contributions and remarkable publishing legacy. I am pleased to announce that Shaye will become Editor-at-Large, Crown Publishers, and will continue in that new capacity to edit authors with whom she has had long and productive associations.

With our general interest trade publishing businesses also being brought under unified leadership, the position of Vice President, Publisher, Broadway Books, has been eliminated, and DIANE SALVATORE will be leaving the company. Senior Editor LORRAINE GLENNON will also be leaving us. We thank Diane and Lorraine for the hard work, energy, and dedication they displayed over the past year they were with us, as well as for their contributions to the Broadway publishing program and to the Group.

Category/Brand Publishing: Crown Archetype, Harmony Books, Crown Business

The Crown Publishing Group has built one of the most successful programs in the industry in the branded/category arena, which constitutes our second area of editorial focus.

To grow our program, we are launching an exciting new imprint, Crown Archetype. It will bring together authors who lead the way in the health and wellness, personal finance/career, celebrity, and pop culture categories. Crown Archetype will be home to many of our bestselling authors who have established themselves as true leaders in their categories.

I am thrilled to announce that TINA CONSTABLE will be taking on leadership of our new Crown Archetype imprint, as well as of our other branded/category-based publishing businesses, effective immediately, continuing to report to me. Tina’s wide-ranging skill sets and broad publishing experience make her particularly well qualified for this position and I know she will thrive in her newly expanded role. In addition to directing Crown Archetype, Tina will oversee Harmony Books, which will be exclusively focused on its original mandate to publish market-leading authors in the mind, body, spirit, and self-help categories. We are bringing together the Crown and Broadway Business imprints to create one business imprint called Crown Business, under Tina. Tina also continues to direct Crown Forum, our conservative publishing program. With Tina’s appointment as Vice President and Publisher, Crown Archetype, Harmony Books, Crown Forum, and Crown Business, she will be relinquishing her current position as Publisher, Crown Publishers. She will, however, continue her work overseeing the publication of the Fall 2010 Crown titles DECISION POINTS by former President George W. Bush and EXTRAORDINARY, ORDINARY PEOPLE by Condoleezza Rice, for which her publishing planning is well underway.

Tina’s direct reports at Crown Archetype and Harmony are Sydny Miner, Suzanne O’Neill, Julia Pastore, and Mary Choteborsky. Reporting to Tina for Crown Business are John Mahaney and Roger Scholl. Four-Color and Lifestyle Books: Clarkson Potter, Watson-Guptill, The Monacelli Press, Ten Speed Press The third area of editorial focus for our group will be our four-color and lifestyle books program, comprised of Clarkson Potter, Potter Craft, Potter Style, Watson-Guptill, The Monacelli Press, and Ten Speed Press. Collectively, these imprints have made the Crown Publishing Group the undisputed industry leader in such categories as cookbooks, design, style, architecture, and crafts.

This leadership is largely attributable to the publishing brilliance of LAUREN SHAKELY, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Clarkson Potter, Potter Craft, Potter Style, and Watson-Guptill, who will continue to direct and manage those imprints, reporting to me. Additionally, Lauren will take on oversight for The Monacelli Press, with GIANFRANCO MONACELLI newly reporting to her. Lauren’s other direct reports remain unchanged. Ten Speed Press, under the direction of AARON WEHNER, Vice President, Publisher, and PATRICIA KELLY, Vice President, continues to report to me.

Crown Digital and Marketing

As we further develop and expand the Crown Group’s digital publishing potential and capabilities I am pleased to announce that PHILIP PATRICK is appointed Vice President, Digital and Marketing Strategy, Publisher, Crown Group Digital, effective immediately, continuing to report to me. In his important new role, Philip will direct and manage the development and marketing of all of our e-books, apps, and digital content. I know he will lead this priority growth area with creativity and vigor.

Concurrently, Philip continues to oversee marketing for all the Group’s print and digital publishing programs, with his current reports in marketing remaining unchanged. To give his complete attention to his marketing and digital responsibilities, Philip will set aside his publisher duties for Three Rivers Press as of June 6. Trade Paperbacks: Three Rivers Press and Broadway Paperbacks

I am thrilled to announce that on June 7, TINA POHLMAN joins us as Vice President, Publisher, Three Rivers Press and Broadway Paperbacks, bringing our two trade paperback lines together under a unified management. Tina is one of the most creative and experienced trade paperback publishers in the business. She began her career at Houghton Mifflin, then worked at Anchor Books and Vintage/Anchor, Carroll & Graf, Harvest Books, the latter as Editorial Director, and, most recently, Spiegel & Grau, where she was Senior Editor. She will be responsible for developing our paperback lists to enhance and support our three primary editorial areas. I believe that we have tremendous opportunity to grow the trade paperback component of Crown and look forward to all of us working closely with Tina, who will report to me. Reporting to Tina will be Heather Lazare and Kira Peikoff.


Our publishing teams also will benefit from the skills and experience of three other members of our senior leadership team who have group-wide responsibilities and who continue as my direct reports: In his capacity as Executive Vice President, Deputy Publisher, Crown Publishing Group, MICHAEL PALGON retains oversight of our religious publishing programs, Waterbrook Multnomah and Doubleday Religion. Michael continues to oversee all of our operational departments for our division. Michael has been invaluable to me since I joined the company four months ago. He has taken on an expanded role in all aspects of the publishing process of our group, from acquisitions to the day-to-day operations of each of our imprints. Going forward, Michael will partner with me in setting the strategic direction of the Crown Group and in managing it.

PETE MULLER, Senior Vice President, Publishing Operations, has long played a vital role for our group, and has been indispensable to us all in managing the recent transition. As we move ahead with our new vision and structure, our teams and I will continue to rely on Pete’s financial acumen, publishing perspicacity, and guidance.

To enhance the publication of books developed by our talented publishers and editors, we will bring together our publicity departments under unified leadership. Effective immediately, DAVID DRAKE is appointed Senior Vice President, Executive Director, Publicity, responsible for overseeing the publicity efforts for our publishing group-wide. He continues as spokesman for the division. David has spearheaded publicity campaigns for many bestsellers over the course of his career at Random House and has forged a great reputation with media and within the industry. In addition to his managerial duties, he will continue to lead campaigns for individual titles, including for former President Bush’s forthcoming memoir. All publicity directors in our group will report to him.

With this realignment of our publicity departments, KATIE WAINWRIGHT will step down as Vice President, Executive Director, Publicity, Crown Publishers, Harmony, Shaye Areheart Books, Clarkson Potter, Potter Craft, Potter Style, and Watson-Guptill, and will be leaving the company with the elimination of the position. Katie has been a valued member of our senior management team since 2007, and she has earned the respect, admiration, and affection of all of her colleagues. We thank her for her many contributions to our publishing. The wide-ranging publishing strengths of the Crown Publishing Group are exemplified by the 14 New York Times national bestsellers our group has achieved in just the first four months of 2010. With our newly aligned and focused publishing teams, I believe we will be able to even more fully realize our enormous potential to provide the most successful publications for all of our authors and their books in print and digital editions. I look forward to us working together to do so and thank everyone for their hard work and efforts. Please join me in congratulating Tina, Philip, Lauren, Michael, and David on their new responsibilities, and in welcoming Tina Pohlman to our group next month. Big Changes at Crown