Bill Clinton Teaches Us About Charisma, Sex

In A Ticket to The Circus (reviewed last week by Christian Lorentzen), Norris Church Mailer recounts life with her late husband Norman. But before there was life with Norman, there was life (or a “date”) with Bill Clinton.

The Daily Beast provides an excerpt describing this interlude:

I came in late, just as he began his talk, and he later said that when he saw me walk in, he forgot his speech-and then he forgot his name. I suspected he said that same thing to quite a few women, but it’s a good line, so why not use it? He was the embodiment of charisma: When he talked to you, he had the ability to make you feel like you were the only person in the room. He looked you in the eye and never once glanced over your shoulder to see who else was there. The only other person I have met who had charisma to that extent was Jackie Kennedy.

Elsewhere in memories of Bill, it seems that those who came of age circa Lewinsky define “sex” in markedly different ways than their elders: he was effectively a generation’s sex ed teacher.

And that cannot be said of Jackie Kennedy.

Bill Clinton Teaches Us About Charisma, Sex