Bloomberg and Silver Eat, Talk Money

5 Towns Jewish Times has details of Michael Bloomberg and Sheldon Silver’s get together (h/t Liz Green):

Mayor Michael Bloomberg just completed an hour long breakfast meeting with Shelly Silver, at a Kosher for Passover resort in New York.  The meeting was about the looming $9.2 billion state budget gap.  This week to prevent a disaster in New York State, the Assembly passed an emergency $4.6 billion package to cover state employees’ payroll and other operating costs

The Kosher for Passover breakfast between the two most powerful politicians in New York State lasted for over an hour.  The mayor had ordered the pickled lox, an onion omelet, a chocolate Passover muffin and a coffee.  Silver had an egg-white omelet with onions and cheese.

5TJT investigating reporters found out that the muffin, was in fact, gebrokts, but what completely kosher for Passover.

The mayor told the hotel Rabbi that he had a Passover Seder that lasted thirty minutes on the first night of Passover.  He further stated that he was following a book with that title as an instructive manual.

In the past 25 years, only two balanced budgets were passed on time.

Bloomberg and Silver Eat, Talk Money