Bloomberg: ‘Craziness’ and ‘Feel Good Politics’ in Albany

Michael Bloomberg doesn’t want Albany lawmakers to cut property taxes.

At least, not until they say how they’d replace that lost revenue stream, which usually goes to fund schools.

Bloomberg called the current plan “craziness,” during his weekly radio show on WOR 770 AM this morning.

“There’s one plan in Albany – this is craziness – is to cut property taxes before they’ve figured out where the money to fund schools is going to come from. These guys can’t figure out how to close the budget gap they’ve gotten. This would just make it bigger.”

Bloomberg speculated that lawmakers are floating this plan as a way “win votes in the suburbs” but said it would backfire when the public sees the cutbacks to schools that would happen.

Bloomberg called it “feel good politics” being conducted in an election year. And, of course, he repeated the word “craziness,” in case anyone missed at the beginning of his rant. Bloomberg: ‘Craziness’ and ‘Feel Good Politics’ in Albany