Colbert on This Week: ‘The Whole Show’s A Lie’

“They call it This Week, but most of it happened last week. The whole show’s a lie,” Stephen Colbert told ABC’s Jake Tapper and PolitiFact editor Bill Adair last night on The Colbert Report.

Asked whether his truth goons had nailed anybody, Mr. Adair was happy to show off Chuck Schumer’s scalp.

“We nailed–so to speak–Senator Schumer,” Mr. Adair said.

“I’m not surprised, that guy’s a liar,” Mr. Colbert replied.

The Colbert Report got in the spirit and had PolitiFact check last night’s show as well; turns out Jeffrey Toobin’s been telling his own tall tales.

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Colbert on This Week: ‘The Whole Show’s A Lie’