VSL// Stop press: Octopus directs video

Apparently, everyone really does want to get into the movie biz. Take a look at this amazing (and, for some of us nursing underwater phobias, terrifying) video of an octopus stealing a nature enthusiast’s brand-new digital camera and then taking over as director. Hey, he’s not half-bad!

First brought to our attention by the Web site the Awl, the three-and-a-half-minute video starts with Victor Huang filming underwater off the coast of Wellington, New Zealand. He was understandably startled when an octopus appeared to be heading straight for him, and then grabbed his camera and took off (“He swam away very quickly, like a naughty shoplifter”). Huang gave chase, as the camera continued to record, before catching up and retrieving the camera; the octopus grabbed his spear gun instead (remember, these creatures have the benefit of extra tentacles) and hung on as Huang swam. We’re not sure if we would have hung in as long as Huang, but the octopus does appear to enjoy the ride. From the safety of your desk, you should, too.

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