Coop vs. Co-op

The Park Slope Food Coop does not take kindly to the new “co-op” in town–Barneys Co-op, set to open a location in Cobble Hill later this year. Reports The Brooklyn Paper:

Joe Holtz, the general manager of the famously left-leaning, members-only grocery store, has gone public with his concern that Barneys’ “misuse” of the legal term “co-op” is a violation of state law….

“Barney’s misuse of the word dilutes this effort and effectively undermines our business model and, for lack of a better concept, ‘brand,’” said Holtz.

THE BATTLE OF BROOKLYN. However, the violation in question only a misdemeanor, and as such it is “punishable by a fine of not more than $500.” This is less than the cost of a pair of Alexander Wang heels. Coop vs. Co-op