Cuomo Wraps It Up With Espada

Andrew Cuomo just wrapped up a conference call about civil charges his office filed against Pedro Espada for looting a non-profit he ran. Among the charges is that he spent about $20,000 on sushi delivered to his home in Mamaronek, and not only is that a lot of sushi, Espada claims to live in his district in the Bronx. Also, Espada got an exorbitant compensation package from the board, the likes of which Cuomo said he’s never seen before.

Cuomo also denied he filed the charges on this months-long, ongoing investigation based on any political calendar.

But the lawsuit does, politically, clear one of the last remaining bits of unfinished business for Cuomo, who is expected to announce his run for governor before the Democratic Rural Conference holds their convention on April 30. Cuomo Wraps It Up With Espada