Elsewhere: Barrett, Weiner, Loeser

Barrett shoots at Dicker.

Paterson pushes for furloughs.

Lazio ties Cuomo to Spitzer, Hevesi and Paterson.

Abelson: “A New York bank executive said that Stu Loeser, the mayor’s chief spokesperson, also has been talking to firms about a job.”

McMahon’s GOP opponents say he’s wrong on immigration.

The WSJ picks up on the story of New York lawmakers planning to chain themselves to a fence in Arizona.

LGBT advocates are taking a day off.

Gillibrand as Rodney Dangerfield. Moss says she’s Midwestern.

Weiner and Abedin, this summer.

Reuters: “In greater Harlem, non-whites and blacks now account for about 40 percent each, with the black population dipping, and other groups like Hispanics growing.”

Senate Democrats want to stop talking about Parker.

Smikle expects a punch from Parker.

Dinallo has 21 county chairmen.

Fried talks to TWU President Samuelsen.

WaPo may have a diversity problems, says The Prospect.

And here’s Bill Samuels, getting artistic.

Elsewhere: Barrett, Weiner, Loeser