Elsewhere: Democrats Attack, Gillibrand Films

Liz yawns at Democrats’ attack on Levy and Lazio. “Rather predictably” her item starts out with.

Gillibrand 2010’s YouTube page has videos of her opponent’s announcement at City Hall.

Lazio and Levy jockey at the Desmond.

Stone’s Madame candidacy is run from the same building Duprey used to live in.

Tasini makes Goldman’s money an issue for Gillibrand.

Maloney applauds Obama.

Community boards struggle.

Gothamist notes this blog’s comment section is, basically, on FaceBook.

Let’s All Defeat Pedro Espada Jr.”

Long disses Demos for comparing Altschuler to Scozzafava.

Wonkster highlights Rattner’s tie to Bloomberg.

The Tribune previews the Charter Revision Commission hearing.

Karlin will do investigative research on April 30.

Lisberg needs Red Bull.

Senate Democrats focus on ballot access.

Kornacki knows how Miller feels.

Hollywood Fidler.

And pictured above is Bloomberg and Sharpton, at the National Action Network conference. Elsewhere: Democrats Attack, Gillibrand Films