Elsewhere: Espada

Read the report that led to Spitzer’s downfall.

Technically, nobody voted for Espada.

Espada illegally hired family.

Espada’s foe calls him “shameful.”

Senate Democrats, please talk to Kaitlyn Ross.

Gibbs: “The mayor and his staff of course were notified.”

Gibbs also complimented Bloomberg’s blog-reading habits (Stu Loeser, I think, deserves credit for that too).

Paterson was invited, but didn’t confirm he’s attending Obama’s speech.

Paterson defends Wall Street.

Paterson spoke to the IG.

Murphy paid Global, and a spokesman notes the company’s recent troubles are “unrelated to our relationship.”

Wolfson, in Albany.

WaPo notices Bloomberg’s gun ad.

Powell wasn’t endorsed by Castro.

De Blasio makes discretionary funds searchable.

Read DRC questionnaires for statewide candidates.

A reader at another site complains of tax giveaways.

Imagine the “Leaving NY Tax.”

And here’s a vintage shot of Espada, in the middle of everything in Albany. Elsewhere: Espada