Elsewhere: Kevin Parker

Nunes: “Spitzer would be smart to bypass the convention and gather the 15,000 signatures from registered Democrats to secure a position on the ballot.”

State lawmakers want to borrow. David Paterson says no.

Paterson: “[T]his idea of borrowing to give people rebates for property taxes is such a game that it really needs to be exposed.”

Paterson wants furloughs.

The CSEA has a four-letter response to Paterson’s suggestion.

Paterson briefly locked Ravitch out of the office.

Patersons’ spokeswoman defends the move to not call a special election for Eric Massa’s seat. “The emphasis being ‘may in his discretion’” she wrote in an email, referring to the fact that the governor is not required to call one.

Levy may pick up an endorsement in Queens.

Five attorney general candidates are heading up north.

Dominic Carter goes after Bill Perkins.

State Senator Kevin Parker had an outburst during a Finance Committee hearing.

Full contact debates, in the Ukraine. Elsewhere: Kevin Parker