Elsewhere: Levy vs Lazio, Wilson vs DiNapoli

Eyewiness News will carry Paladino’s event live. So will NY1.

Democrats: the date is 9/13/12.

Patrick Healy works his old beat, sort of.

Jimmy Vielkind paints the scene.

Levy says Lazio is undermining the Senate GOP.

Josh Robin finds a Levy pick that Lazio probably wants.

Muzzio: “You’ve got a not-quite-dead-but-comatose Republican party.”

DiNapoli criticizes Albany’s finances.

Wilson criticizes DiNapoli’s criticism.

U-Haul praises the Bronx.

Here’s David Remnick, the poem:

David Remnick trimmed his budget
Saved his staff from major cuts
He’s a hero—let’s not fudge it—
A mensch! This ain’t some Conde putz


David Remnick walks on water
Which should come as no surprise
Raise your head and look above you
David Remnick even flies.

And pictured above is Alex Zablocki, who led a rally on the City Hall steps today to save Pouch Camp on Staten Island. Elsewhere: Levy vs Lazio, Wilson vs DiNapoli