Elsewhere: Levy’s Outfit, Powell’s Odds

John Fund isn’t laughing off Adam Clayton Powell:

“The irony is that in a district long identified as a center of black political influence, the primary fight between Messrs. Rangel and Powell will be likely be decided by Hispanics — the new rising force in New York politics. Only about a quarter of the Congressional district that includes Harlem is now African-American. A quarter is made up of white liberals who live near Columbia University. About half is made up of Puerto Rican and Dominican residents. Indeed, the race may come down to which candidate does a better job of reaching out to his key bloc, in both English and Spanish. Mr. Powell may have the edge here, since he was born in Puerto Rico and his maternal grandfather was once mayor of San Juan.”


Chen says the Charter Revision Commission won’t rubber-stamp Bloomberg proposals.

The Charter Revision Commission has, as of today, 25 followers. Sigh.

Get ready for back-to-back conventions, which, as I recall, was painful.

Levy reminds us of Lazio’s ‘sign it’ moment.

More on Levy’s unfortunate Halloween costume.

Hawkins and Gentile ponder another costume for Levy.

Casey Seller isn’t impressed with Fullington’s demands.

Cuomo raises more money.

Janison wonders if all the Levy-Lazio fighting is benefiting Cuomo.

Maffei balances AgJobs with immigration reform.

Schumer wants the feds to save 10,000 residents from eviction.

And here’s Lenora Fulani, saying she wants nonpartisan elections and that Bloomberg could help get that passed. Elsewhere: Levy’s Outfit, Powell’s Odds