Espada’s Certificates

Andrew Cuomo’s latest lawsuit against Pedro Espada Jr. alleges that Espada underpaid janitorial workers at his Soundview clinic, and gave them worthless training “certificates” instead.

Espada has said previous lawsuits filed by Cuomo–and federal prosecutors–were part of a payback for Espada’s role in the Senate coup. But that explanation is hard to square with at least one piece of evidence Cuomo cites in the latest suit.

Cuomo says the accrediting agency identified on the certificates Espada provided “knew nothing of the training program.”

Here’s the relevant line from Cuomo’s complaint:

“The certificate itself was worthless in that The Joint Commission, formerly known as The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, i.e., the JCAHO referenced in the certificate, knew nothing of the training program, did not provide or publish standards for janitorial services that might be the subject of a training program, and has no curriculum whatsoever that would support such a program.”

Espada’s Certificates