Eye Opener: Andrew Breitbart Edition

What I Read,” the regular Atlantic Wire feature that asks “various journalists who seem well-informed to describe their media diets,” has attracted a following of readers fascinated in spite of themselves since it launched in February. This week, we’re trying on the (stated) reading habits of The Atlantic‘s anointed, devoting the Eye Opener to a different Reader’s preferred news sources each day. We start by getting inside the head of Andrew Breitbart.

This is “your last week working for the man.” [National Review Online]

The time has come for futuristic internet school. [Reason]

Ross Douthat wonders if CNN is salvageable. [NYT via NRO]

The census doesn’t like some remarks by CNN’s newest pundit. [HuffPo]

“Congress Has Become an Institution of the Useless.” [Human Events]

The Washington Post has a new blog covering conservatives. [WaPo via Instapundit]

President Obama sets new rules for nukes. [NYT via HuffPo]

Establishment Republicans are in trouble, warns Marc Thiessen. [WaPo via Daily Kos]

“Soft serve is in the social fabric of the Lone Star State.” [The Atlantic]

Let us consider Barack Obama’s basketball skills. [The Weekly Standard]

Coming tomorrow: The morning news according to Frank Rich.
Eye Opener: Andrew Breitbart Edition