Eye Opener: Felix Salmon Edition

What I Read,” the regular Atlantic Wire feature that asks “various journalists who seem well-informed to describe their media diets,” has attracted a following of readers fascinated in spite of themselves since it launched in February. This week, we’re trying on the (stated) reading habits of The Atlantic‘s anointed, devoting the Eye Opener to a different Reader’s preferred news sources each day. Today we get inside the head of Felix Salmon.

President Obama’s nuke deal is “Nobel-esque.” [FT]

The power of “megastars” in the world of classical music. [NYT]

Oprah is becoming a lady of the night. [WSJ]

China might actually revise its currency policy. [NYT]

The New Yorker contemplates iPad vanity. [New Yorker]

A helpful history of the heart-shaped tub. [WSJ]

The New York Review of Books tackles Gerald Boyd’s memoir. [NYRB]

“What is content?” wonders Jeff Javis, to The Atlantic’s amusement. [The Atlantic]

Closing St. Vincent’s. [WSJ]

Greece’s fiscal plan is on track. [Reuters via @alea_]

Shorting solar stocks. [Bronte Capital]

Coming tomorrow: The morning news according to David Brooks. Eye Opener: Felix Salmon Edition