Eye Opener: Frank Rich Edition

What I Read,” the regular Atlantic Wire feature that asks “various journalists who seem well-informed to describe their media diets,” has attracted a following of readers fascinated in spite of themselves since it launched in February. This week, we’re trying on the (stated) reading habits of The Atlantic‘s anointed, devoting the Eye Opener to a different Reader’s preferred news sources each day. Today we get inside the head of Frank Rich.

TPM plays the voyeur with the Young Eagles. [TPM]

A “dynastic duel” for Charlie Rangel’s seat. [Politico]

Campaign cash might be secret soon. [Slate]

Black tea partiers have it rough. [AP via Memeorandum]

Joe Biden wrote an editorial on nukes. [LAT]

The National Review disagrees with the administration’s disarmament. [National Review]

Megan McArdle sees something to like in the housing market. [Atlantic]

The couple who bought the Madoff penthouse: a Pokemon millionaire and his wife, both of whom “like to have fun, fun, fun.” [NYP]

An Upper East Side gallery defaults on its debt. [WSJ]

Thom Yorke has found his funk, reports The New York Times. [NYT]

Look at my weird kid” is now a business model. [WaPo]

Coming tomorrow: The morning news according to Felix Salmon.
Eye Opener: Frank Rich Edition