Eye Opener: Mayor’s Island

Governor’s Island soon to be the mayor’s. [NYT]

The bailout will only cost $89 billion, after all. [Reuters]

A seven-alarm fire hit Chinatown last night. [NYP]

Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are trying to arrest the pope. [Times (of London)]

Last year’s foiled subway plot had planned to target Times Square and Grand Central. [NYDN]

AIG and Goldman are finally starting to unwind. [Reuters]

Toyota was a little slow with that recall. [NYT]

Henry Kissinger may have been involved in Operation Condor. [LAT]

A family feud at the Whitney. [NYT]

Republicans aren’t ruling out a filibuster to President Obama’s Supreme Court pick. [WSJ]

The Jets got Santonio Holmes on the cheap. [NYP]

Eye Opener: Mayor’s Island