Eye Opener: Yankees Lose, Marauding Youths

The Yankees lost their season opener to the Red Sox. [NYDN]

The iPad didn’t really sell out at most stores. [WSJ]

Norb Vonnegut, distant relative of Kurt, has written a “Wall Street thriller.” [Bloomberg]

John Paul Stevens said he’ll be retiring soon. [WaPo]

But Arlen Specter would like him to stick around. [WaPo]

Race to the Top was like being judged by Soviets. [NYT]

The ongoing saga of Christian Siriano, legitimate businessman–now on television. [NYDN]

BREAKING: subway announcements hard to hear. [NYP]

Roberta Smith is not so sure about this Rothko play. [NYT]

As Sarah Palin attempts to become the Alaskan Oprah, David Carr wonders: “What are the rest of us missing?” [NYT]

“Hundreds of cops struggled to disperse the youths.” [NYP]

Eye Opener: Yankees Lose, Marauding Youths