Food World’s Diminished Bad-Assery

Salon declared last week that restaurant kitchens were “pirate ships” no more, and that the world of manly food bad-assery that Anthony Bourdain chronicled had been replaced with a tamer, more professional milieu.

But lo! Recently, Nate Appleman (chef at Keith McNally’s Pulino) was arrested for weapons posession! Could the danger-chef persona be making a comeback?


“It’s a pocket knife that’s two inches long that I used to cut boxes at work,” Appleman explained to the Post. “I’ve collected knives since I was a kid. My mother gives me a knife every year on my birthday. This knife is the one she got me this year.”

Twisting the proverbial knife, the Post adds that Appleman “is covered in tattoos but stands barely 5-foot-8.”

Food World’s Diminished Bad-Assery