Former Aide: Spitzer 2.0 May be an Upgrade

Eliot Spitzer resurfaced today, thanks to his flirtatious (and inaccurate) comments to Fortune magazine, saying he never actually ruled out a return to elected office.

After everything that’s happened in Albany, would people take him back? He is, after all, responsbile for a number of scandals that have plagued New Yorkers since 2006.

One former Spitzer aide seemed willing to take him back, telling me:

“People who have fallen and gotten back up again are sometimes better people. Spitzer, chastened by his downfall, might be a better politician, more patient and deliberative and more open to cooperation and compromise. He’s certainly a person of great capabilities. If he’s truly learned from his experience, why shouldn’t he be given a chance to serve again?” Former Aide: Spitzer 2.0 May be an Upgrade