Glenn O’Brien to Make Bergdorf Magazine ‘Less Upper East Side’

Former Interview editor Glenn O’Brien has been tapped to edit the written content of Bergdorf Goodman’s magazine, taking over for author Michael Gross, who worked on the quarterly for seven years.

“I think it maybe won’t be so Upper East Side,” Mr. O’Brien told us this morning. “It will be more cosmopolitan.”

Mr. O’Brien will continue to write his column for Italian Vanity Fair and handle style questions as GQ‘s Style Guy, in addition to some work advertising and branding.

Mr. Gross, who caused a stir with his most recent book Rogues’ Gallery: The Secrey History of the Moguls and Money that Made the Metropolitan Museum, told the Post that maybe he didn’t evolve Bergdof’s magazine as fast as the company would have liked. “It’s their toy, and I’m very grateful they let me play with it,” he said.

Does that mean there’s pressure on Mr. O’Brien to take the magazine in a new direction?

“I don’t feel any pressure at all – it’s a quarterly magazine. It’s mostly really nice fashion pictures and an interview and some essays,” he said. “I’m just looking at as kind of a fun thing.” Glenn O’Brien to Make Bergdorf Magazine ‘Less Upper East Side’