Goldman’s Giving

Goldman Sachs is placing its congressional bets.

According to Politico’s read of the latest FEC release, the company’s PAC gave about $300,000 to lawmakers in March. Looks like most of it went to party leaders and members of the financial services, agricultural, and banking committees.

Kirsten Gillibrand–who sits on the Senate Ag Committee, which, weirdly, regulates derivatives–got $5,000, and she’s not planning on returning it just because of the latest S.E.C. investigation.

“It is long-standing practice for the Gillibrand campaign that if any contributor is found guilty of wrongdoing, then the campaign immediately donates their contribution to charity,” her spokesman, Matt Canter, told Bloomberg.

Most of the recipients are saying the same thing, including Harry Reid, for whom Goldman’s president hosted a fund-raiser last month. Apparently, it got pretty tense. But it made $37,000.

Goldman’s Giving