Goodwin picks up Baroni ethics reform bills

State Sen. Thomas Goodwin (R-Hamilton) says he’ll take over the sponsorship of several ethics reforms bills that had been introduced by his predecessor, Bill Baroni, including a prohibition on campaign contributions by public contract holders.

Goodwin was elected to the Senate last month after Baroni left to become Deputy Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  The new Senator says he has also become the sponsor of a bill that would stop campaign contributions from anyone involved in eminent domain proceedings.

“Although New Jersey has a long history of political corruption, it’s something that we can prevent from continuing,” said Goodwin. “Most importantly, these reforms will help eliminate the ‘corruption tax’ that adds to the cost of government and every resident’s tax bill.”

Goodwin’s legislative portfolio also includes Baroni’s proposals to increase the statute of limitations on political corruption crimes from five to seven years, and a constitutional amendment to suspend elected officials under indictment.

“These common-sense reform measures will help ensure that elected officials engage in public service, not self service,” stated Goodwin. “I will continue the work started by Senators Baroni and Inverso and push for the passage of these important bills.” Goodwin picks up Baroni ethics reform bills