Granta Gets Sexy

Granta celebrated its Sex issue with a party Thursday night at “erotic luxury” shop Coco de Mer.

There were leather muzzles and manifold dildos and Stella McCartney lingerie and scantily-clad part-time models distributing postcards. The latest issue of the magazine was displayed next to a penis candle. Kelly Clarkson played, and guests mostly did not examine the store’s wares.

Editor John Freeman was Skyped in from London (where the ash cloud had stranded him) to greet partygoers from a large screen.

Two guests described themselves to us as “successful freelance writers” who were currently in grad school, despite not really needing to be in grad school, as they were already successful freelance writers (“I publish regularly in New York magazine”).

But at the Granta party they mingled with freelancers of a different sort. A girl in a black bra and panties told the Transom she was a freelance dancer (“ballet and modern”) who ended up working the party because she had a friend at the magazine. Besides, she was from Las Vegas, so this kind of thing was no big deal.

“My dad has seen me go-go dance,” she said.

We do not wish to overstate the novelty of book-party-in-sex-shop, however. The Coco De Mer employee at the register explained that the store often hosts book launches. She then demonstrated her $920 erotic massage ring on our arm. Granta Gets Sexy