Greenwald: Christie budget an ‘all-out assault on the middle-class’

Assembly Budget Committee Chairman Louis Greenwald (D-Voorhees) says that Gov. Christopher Christie will have to veto his own budget because it contains a tax increase.

“Just about everything vital to working class New Jerseyans and senior citizens would be taxed, slashed or eliminated by Gov. Christie, whether it be property tax relief, senior citizen care, education, college aid, health care or businesses,” said Greenwald, who presided over a budget panel hearing this morning.  “This all-out assault on the middle-class and senior citizens by Gov. Christie spares no one but the wealthy and does nothing to cure New Jersey’s addiction to property taxes. As a matter of fact, under this budget, the largest property tax hikes in New Jersey history are on their way.

Greenwald said that as the Legislature begins the budget review process, the governor must acknowledge that his proposal lacks shared sacrifice.

“The only thing being shared by everyone is the shattered remains of Gov. Christie’s campaign promises,” Greenwald said. Greenwald: Christie budget an ‘all-out assault on the middle-class’