High School Senior Has Impressive Platform for Feelings

College rejection hurts, but it takes the edge off if you can use The New York Times to critique the school that passed on you.

High School Senior Brian C. Bose writes for The Times “The Choice” blog on college admissions. He was “a nervous wreck” before hearing from dream school NYU. And on April 1st (April Fool’s Day, cruelly, is when many big schools notify), he found himself rejected.

But he has rallied:

Since then, I’ve done a lot of thinking – a lot of thinking about how I could categorize all of this. But my mom couldn’t have said it better. She told me, “This is a blessing in disguise.”

And you know what, it truly is.

N.Y.U. provides fantastic training in the arts in the city that never sleeps. It’s New York for crying out loud; the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” as Alicia Keyes sings it.

But the university is missing one key element: a campus, a true community. No school is perfect, and every school we apply to requires a compromise on at least one factor. So I applied knowing that N.Y.U. was missing out on that key aspect.

This prompted a flood of surely satisfying NYU-bashing (“I went there and it was the worst choice of my life”) from commenters.

Even the NYU Local kids are on his side: “Look Brian,” wrote the non-Times-blogging students, “you’re already one step ahead of our entire staff.” High School Senior Has Impressive Platform for Feelings